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Westin ShadTeez 22cm


79.00kr 40.00kr

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This stunning big fellow puts other shads in its shadow. So perfectly detailed in every way, ShadTeez even has a double layer of clear coating to give a realistic ”fish-slime” look! The deep body, slender wrist and wide tail create a rolling, belly-flashing swimming action that leaves big predators spellbound. Shallow-rigged and bumbled slowly past brackish reed beds, or deep-rigged it’s imitating a mildly wounded panicking fish, you’ll find your personal best attached to your line in no time at all!

  • Optimized flexibility
  • Realistic Eyes
  • Easy action paddle tail
  • Double-layer life-like scale pattern
  • High body design with great belly flash
  • Hand painted detailed colors
  • Airchamber in tail

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BildLager Färg PrisAntal
Westin ShadTeez 22cm - Parrot Special Tillfälligt slut Parrot Special 79.00kr 40.00kr
Westin ShadTeez 22cm - Bluegrass I lager Bluegrass 79.00kr 40.00kr
Westin ShadTeez 22cm - Wow Perch I lager Wow Perch 79.00kr 40.00kr
Westin ShadTeez 22cm - Stamped Roach Tillfälligt slut Stamped Roach 79.00kr 40.00kr
Westin ShadTeez 22cm - Headlignt I lager Headlignt 79.00kr 40.00kr
Westin ShadTeez 22cm - Blue Glamour I lager Blue Glamour 79.00kr 40.00kr
Westin ShadTeez 22cm - Official Roach Tillfälligt slut Official Roach 79.00kr 40.00kr